Top Five Simple Boosts for a Writer’s Instagram - #AmWriting
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Top Five Simple Boosts for a Writer’s Instagram


Instagram—to me (KJ) it’s the most fun of the available social media platforms, but it’s also arguably the hardest one to get traction on, because people can’t share your posts (unless they use a sharing tool) and there’s no linking. So it can feel like it’s taking forever for your follower count to grow (and yeah, it probably is).

Here are five ideas for upping your numbers, but first, a thought–yeah, it would be great to hit that magic 10K follower number that allows you to put links in posts, but it’s really ok to be bopping around at the 500 number, because those are probably your real people–people who care about you, what you’re doing and what you’re writing. You don’t need everybody. You just need your somebodies.

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