Minisode: #Prewriting - #AmWriting
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Minisode: #Prewriting


It’s the first ever #AmWriting Supporter Minisode!

#AmWriting Minisodes are bite-sized podcasts of writing advice and inspiration from one of us to all of you. This one is 6 minutes on a technique that will help the words come faster and easier—if you do a little work up front.

How to listen: for this first one, click on the link to listen and you’ll find yourself at You COULD listen there, but we’re guessing you’d rather get all subscriber episodes, from now on, in your usual podcast-listening app. It’s easy, and you only have to do it once to get every #SupporterMini from now on right where you want it.

So click “listen in podcast app.” You’ll get an email with a link in it. Click the link—ON YOUR PHONE—and you will get a menu of the most popular podcast apps. Chose yours and click, and you’ll have a new “private” podcast feed for supporters only.

If your favorite listening app isn’t included, fear not. There’s an RSS link in the email. Your podcast app has a way to add that—it’s probably a “+” sign somewhere on your main page. Add the link once, and any time we do a #SupporterMini, you’ll get it without having to do a thing. (Trust us, it’s easy. This is WHY we chose Substack.)

Want to hear about a particular topic in a #SupporterMini? Let us know by replying to this email or better yet, bring it up in the #AmWriting Facebook group.

#AmWriting Supporters, click here to listen–or click here to learn more about supporting the podcast.

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