Episode 152: #Continue Here for Email Lists The Go-To How-To on What to PUT in Your Email Once You’ve Got One

The information onslaught continues! Jess and I, with Sarina’s help, keep talking email lists (ok, with Sarina’s guidance). This week, we’re focused on what to put in that email once you’ve got you list, whether you’re reaching ten people or ten thousand–and how often to email them once they’re paying attention.

You’ll want a welcome message, of course–which may also be where you deliver your promised “freebie” which is what may have enticed them to sign up for the email in the first place. I’ve got multiples of these (each of which has its own landing page within my website, with an embedded sign-up page). I’ve lost track of them, to be honest. At this point, I think no matter WHY you sign up for my email, you get Ten Mantras for Happier Parents.

I need to fix that.


Don’t tell Sarina.

Sarina, as an author with multiple book launches a year, sends an email “whenever I have something to share or news.” That means contests, new chapters, cover reveals, price drops. She also does some complex list segmenting.

Me, I sent an email once a week when my book was launching. I had them ready, and off they went, with extra commentary on things in the book, promotional things, stuff like that. And then I tapered off, because I had nothing to say.

But I LIKE emails that are consistent, that I can expect, that deliver what they promise. I pointed to Anne Helen Peterson, Mary Laura Philpott, Dan Blank and Jocelyn Glei. I aspire to that–but honestly, if you don’t love your email (and it’s clear these folks do) I think that’s very hard to achieve.

You can’t fake it, damn it.

I think Sarina loves sending her emails, too.

What would YOU want to email your people about, and how often? That’s the question you have to answer. What do you want to share?

To see my evolving answer to that, you can sign up for my email here. To see Sarina’s mastery, sign up here.

And all of this invites a question–why isn’t there an #AmWriting email? Because doing it right would take a lot of work. Interested? We might need a partner for that one.

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